Ashleigh Wallace, Technical lead physiotherapist, English Institute of Sport.

Gary’s intuitive approach to therapy is as challenging as it is convincing and the results speak for themselves

Alex Harris, Fitness Editor, Men's Health.

Gary is paving the way for a completely new approach to physical therapy and human performance. He has the ability to make the body’s most-cryptic musculoskeletal ailments and nuances seem like common sense. What The Foot? is the definitive painkilling guide that every athlete, therapist and orthopaedist needs to read.

Leon Taylor, Olympic Silver medalist, Men's 10m synchronised diving Athens 2004

Competing for 22 years at the highest level of Olympic competition exposes you to a wealth of physical therapy interventions, techniques and practitioners. You get to know your body very well as you are constantly being treated and you tend to learn which interventions really work. Gary’s philosophy is simply revolutionary and I wish he had been around during my competitive career

Dave O'Sullivan, Head Physiotherapist Huddersfield Giants Rugby League Football Club

What the Foot is the kind of book that the Physiotherapy profession has being crying out for to help us realise that we cannot treat injuries and pain in isolation and that the whole body and nervous system needs to be taken into account with every single injury. A great read and game changer!

Dr. Carlyle Jenkins, Leading Sports Chiropractor, Harley Street

If you work in the movement industry and want results read this book and learn AIM. Nothing could arm you better than the game changing concepts #whatthefoot brings to life. Light has been shone into a dark place. Thank you Gary Ward for this

Rangan Chatterjee, GP

Gary’s philosophy is fresh and unique but ultimately beautiful in its simplicity…it is also devastatingly effective! By applying his methods in my consultations (which are only 10 minutes long!!), I have helped many patients become pain free and already had to cancel one patient’s scheduled knee operation!

Lisa Letchford, Olympian, GB Hockey, Beijing 2008

This book is a simple MUST read whether you are an athlete, a personal trainer, a physio, chiro or osteo. I feel I have been given a gift from Gary and reading his long awaited book just cements my feelings WTF? Really? Yes it unlocks the potential in everyone.

What the foot book cover

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It all starts with the foot! A game changing philosophy in human movement eliminating pain and maximising human potential. #WTF

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About Gary Ward

Gary is driven by the belief that anything is possible. Where some practitioners write you off, Gary has an open door; behind which he intends to create a safe environment where your body can learn to heal itself through the experience of whole and integrated movement

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