What the Foot chapter snippets

Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins

I did countless courses that were simply a waste of money that gave me things to look at but no solution to offer my client or patient. Movement is still the only thing that makes sense to me. Even the anatomy book we all learn from doesn’t make sense to me. If it is accurate, then it’s limited in it’s accuracy and can be expanded on greatly and yet it remains what we all learn from and use as our ‘go to’ tool for muscle and joint reference.

Yes your body is perfect, even if you think it isn’t. As I mentioned already, not many people truly respect the potential of the human body including practitioners I speak to and teach. We are forever using the word ‘dysfunctional’ to describe a failing body. Yet your body is being truly functional in it’s dysfunction!

Chapter 2 - RANT, RANT, RANT

RANT #3 - I was at a talk recently when a physio of a leading football club claimed that the concept of core stabilisation has purely been a marketing fad. A concept invented by some strength and conditioning coaches to make the spine and your back safer. In actual fact to be able to stabilise the core is definitely useful in a static heavy lifting environment and does carry some benefit for clients and patients with back pain. My rant is simply that to teach the core to stabilise is exactly the opposite from what it should be doing in a normal healthy human being. So perhaps there is another, better way?

Chapter 6 - The Flow Motion Model

Why we use gait as a reference is because it presents a very simple and consistent way of looking at the body in motion. We can assess various moments in the gait cycle where clear whole body patterns occur. In terms of timing and observation there is a process the foot takes on the floor and there is a response to this process that occurs elsewhere and everywhere in the body.

Flow Motion

The model of gait that is taught in Anatomy in Motion is what I call the ‘Flow Motion Model’. It is the study of what appears to really happen when efficient and flowing gait is observed and has been deduced through the use of slow motion - slowing the body down to get a clear picture of what is happening in each major structure and each joint in the three dimensions of human movement from the foot and journeying upwards through the kinetic chain.

Chapter 7 - Core Mobility

To stabilise your body around neutral, and in particular your core, limits movement in the spine whilst also limiting the experience and size of the circle which represents full movement potential. All that your core muscles and brain become aware of is the dot without the circle.

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