What does Gary Ward actually do?

Gary’s unique method

Gary Ward working with a person's foot

What Gary Ward does is unique. It is a new way of viewing and thinking about the human body in motion that has motivated Gary to be able to solve unsolvable pain and generate change in the human body that reduces injury time, says goodbye to chronic pain and enhances everyday performance.

Gary has simply spent years watching the human body move, writing down exactly what the human body does and quickly noticed that what we think it does and it what it actually does are often complete polar opposites! Gary created his Flow Motion model - an in depth mapping of the patterns we access in the human gait cycle (head to toe) - by simply observing what happens to the whole body with each step we take.

His clinical sessions are spent observing these patterns and movement inhibitions so as to answer the question "What is happening in this person’s body that is causing their pain?"

Gary never treats the pain, he treats the whole body, moving it, rewiring it and as he describes in the book ‘pressing the big reset button’ so we can start again after a very simple software upgrade.

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About Gary Ward

Gary is driven by the belief that anything is possible. Where some practitioners write you off, Gary has an open door; behind which he intends to create a safe environment where your body can learn to heal itself through the experience of whole and integrated movement

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