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Shaping a new world of upside down thinking and movement therapy!

There are two sides to every coin although the fitness and therapy industries appear to spend more time on one side of that coin without considering the possibilities of exploring the other. In this book I pose the questions that I hope will be a catalyst for your future journey into the world of anatomy in motion.

Gary Ward’s journey from Ski boot fitter to the complete development of AiM’s education programme, "Finding Centre", is one of observation and real world application. From pain to peak performance, in some cases a single session, Gary’s unique methodology is worth a look. What the foot takes you through Gary’s 5 Big Rules of motion in a bid to uncover the truth about the way we move.

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It all starts with the foot! A game changing philosophy in human movement eliminating pain and maximising human potential. #WTF

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About Gary Ward

Gary is driven by the belief that anything is possible. Where some practitioners write you off, Gary has an open door; behind which he intends to create a safe environment where your body can learn to heal itself through the experience of whole and integrated movement

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RT @monikavolkmar : @GaryWard_AiM #WhatTheFoot was mind-blowingly awesome. Stoked to take your course in Nov. in Toronto! :)

RT @drchatterjeeuk : @GaryWard_AiM Thanks for the help with another one of my patients. Completely pain free now.#anatomyinmotion