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Thinking Differently

Thinking differently sometimes means making small adjustments to an already refined process. The problem with being passionate about a process is that our attempts to refine it mean that we overlook what’s missing and thus forget to think differently about what we already know… The best way to really know anything is to challenge it… and to challenge what you know means you have to think differently. Thinking differently sometimes means doing the exact opposite.

Thinking differently about therapy is not actually that hard. There are some pretty hard and fast rules to think differently about. You can just flip them upside down and oppose them. If the gold standard is to lay someone down to treat them, try standing them up. If the goal in doing this is to challenge conventional thought processes then we’d need a successful outcome when standing them up to give us reason to no longer lay them down again….

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Gary is driven by the belief that anything is possible. Where some practitioners write you off, Gary has an open door; behind which he intends to create a safe environment where your body can learn to heal itself through the experience of whole and integrated movement

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